Phra Nang Cave, Krabi

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Wooden penises are what make the Phra Nang cave shrine famous. Located in a corner of the beach, locals flock here to ask the resident goddess-spirit for help, especially when it comes to catching fish and having kids, while travelers stand around looking bewildered. Want to know what’s behind the phallic frenzy? Read on.

Phra nang Cave Beach is one of the 4 islands of Krabi 4 Island tour. Breath-taking place with crystal clear water & white sand.

In all of the legends, Phra Nang (or Mae Nang) is a female spirit symbolizing fertility. of the hundreds of Hand-crafted phallic offerings and wooden sculptures relating to fertility crowd the cave that now fill it stand several feet tall and over a foot wide along the path from Railay East, is also deemed a sacred lingam

According to the inscription, (you can see below) "It is believed by the villagers that the spirit of Phra nang (Princess Goddess) resides in the cave. Fishermen before going out would pledge Phra nang for good luck. With their wishes fulfilled, votive offerings would be made at the shrine. Common gifts are flowers and incense sticks, but usually, the spirits of goddess shall be offered special gifts, the lingams. the belief of lingam and holy womb, shall create fertility and prosperity to the whole earth and mankind.

The Princess Cave is actually two caves. One only holds phallic sculptures, incense, flowers, and other offerings. The other (referred to as the inner cave) has a trail that leads into the limestone cliffs to a small hidden pool. The path is laden with clay mud, but if you are interested in seeing the inside of a limestone cave, this is a great place to explore as we had time restrain, thou we went half way and fold over.

The Lingam

The phallic sculpture is known as a “lingam” in Thailand. Lingams are generally carved from wood. Locals believe the lingam can create fertility and prosperity for the entire world if left at the cave of the Phra Nang Princess. the penises have discernible ridges and heads. They are decorated with colorful cloth, and the cave is filled with incense. Of course, the discovery of Railay Beach has left the Princess Cave as more of a tourist attraction than anything else. There are signs warning tourists to respect the site and only leave appropriate offerings for the Princess.

As we saw lots of other stuff which resemble as lingam