Floating Hotel in Goa 'Watermark Goa'

Looking for A perfect spot to spend your evening with some quality time with your bae & view... & here it is !!!! watermark.goa the floating Lounge Bar ~ Our Valentine’s Dinner Date started a day prior at this exceptional Lounge, the big #LIT with Long Island ice tea & Tamarind #martini

LIT (Long Island Ice Tea) & Tamarind martini Mutton #bruschetta & #reshmikabab was perfect starters.

Mutton bruschetta

Reshmi kabab

#picasso #coffeeliqueur a sweet taste pampered my sweet tooth after a week of #NOsugar plan...

Followed by Chefs Highly recommended ‘#HomeMade #butterchicken Pasta !!!!

Fully loaded Cheese spinach Gujia and #salsasauce overloaded The Dinner Date...

To finish this all up @13devilbunny Wanted to try #gingarden and it’s Highly recommended from Our side ....

After all this!!!!

I still had heart full space left for dessert !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Scoop of Rock Hot sweet sauce and frozen chocolate over the vanilla ice cream scoop was simply lips smacking!!!!

The Floatel Management was so kind that he made sure we get the best of experience. The dessert was his recommendation to complete our meal.

Do visit this place for sunset... definitely you will have the best view and food...

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