Best Outdoor Coffee Shop in Goa | Ré nao - Coffee.Food.Stories

Goa is one beautiful state of India with plenty of Instagram worthy spots to go and get yourself clicked. But ever since the trend of infusing the Insta feed with gorgeous looking cafes began, we too started exploring those.

During this crazy pandemic, we really needed a break a safe break from chores. And suddenly we found a place in Panaji which seemed to be a lot into the nature. Ré nao - Coffee.Food.Stories an outdoor café, launched in the month of June, serves rich specialised coffee, homemade and handpicked flavourful Global cuisines and is tucked in between the atmospheric and picturesque neighbourhood of Fontainhas, Mala.

The café has a lovely outdoor seating area which is flushed with natural light, green trees and plants and good homely vibes that compliments well with Panaji’s awesome weather and the cafe's healthy and delicious menu.

They have an out of the world coffee menu. We tried their Layered Café Latte – the rich taste of coffee is derived from the high-quality beans. you can definitely see creativity in each cup they brew.

This coffee shop does a total justice to tea lover as well, surprisingly they have variety of tea options, if you wanna try kullad chai then this is the place!

Each of the dishes is as tempting as the other. The ambience is simple yet cosy. With their extensive menu containing lip-smacking quick bites, rice bowls, salads, burgers, sandwiches, waffles, cakes & cookies.

You will regret if you don’t try their Quick bites. We tried their prawn fritters – delicious and piping hot.

We also tried their Buttermilk-fried Chicken Burger - it will leave you drooling when you see the pictures and drooling even more when you actually get to taste them.

If you drop by here during lunch hours then you have option of rice bowl and they serve local Goan cuisine. We tried their Samarachi Koddi - boiled rice and koddi (Curry) which is quite unique and one will not find it in any restaurants of Goa. This curry is made during the monsoon season when fresh seafood is not readily available. They use prawns, dried mango skins and seeds and freshly roasted ingredients which give this curry a very unique taste without any compromise on traditional flavo