Beginning of Endless Journey....Breaking the line!!!!

There I go... Giving a kick start with my local vocabulary and simple English without using ‘ShuSha’ English terms for your better understanding and mine too!!!


To begin with, I’m Deepali Raikar Currently in a civil relationship with Sunny Chodankar..... & When you find a person who not only tolerate your quirks but celebrate with cries of “me too!” Being sure to cherish this weirdo. Coz he is a tribe. He joined-in to live the dream #MyConstant. By qualifications, I’m a PG Journalist By profession a Digital Marketer. My partner Sunny is IT engineer by profession & by soul, a hardcore Rider... That’s = to #travelpartner

I’m a self-dependent high maintenance woman, from a middle-class family and my dreams are high too. My parents are my greater strength no matter what. As they stood by me even thou they had all rights to walk out!

I love to travel, I love to explore places, Hogging, roaming and socializing. The world is moving towards digital media space So why not share my experiences with you fellas????

Let’s Break the Line!!!! A lifestyle of the common yet unique couple! It’s all about how low budget people manage their dreams of getting lost to explore, As I have seen MOST of the bloggers/ influencers have their well-settled life, some good amount of financial backup But We are starting from zero.

Thou writing is not my forte I wanna do this... I wanna see how I fall and what it takes to rise again. let the hashtag game be strong!

From now on-words where ever We travel, we will share our experiences. Let’s start this endless Journey from now on…..

Socializing to another level!!!!

*I know there are mistakes.... please DM

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