1237 steps are just the numbers once you climb on top! worth it!!!!

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

On our Visit to Krabi Thailand, the day was on your own. We Rented a bike and started searching for the places to explore in the ball park.

I just saw this place on google, dint do much research and just went there to check out. Reaching upon the location me and MoG figured out that 1236 steps is not place name it’s the steps we need to climb up to reach the temple up on the mountain. we asked a localite that is there any which ways we can take our bike on top he said "no there is only one way up ie. stairs" and looking the watch he said “you will able to see sunset from the top” we were like Sunset !!! Get set poo !!!

we started while clicking on the way but then thought of going on top and on way back will explore the down part. I started full fledged climbing with top speed and guess what? crashed down somewhere on 200 steps odd and trust me I was super dead...

After 291 Steps

But my constant motivation was there by me on each step with a constant cry do it for gram, you will get the best picture and best view... Motivation was flowing hard from there other travelers too.

Super dead face

RIP to my legs by 900 steps, by then we had lil water left with us, plus the steps on the way was deadly along with wild monkeys all over the place… After an hour or so of constant stop-start climbing a stiff mountain we reached on top and by god.

The vibes on top restore all your energy back!!!

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